Accelerating the HS2 East Midlands Hub

The new East Midlands Hub Station at Toton will transform connectivity between the East Midlands, Birmingham, London, Yorkshire, the North East and Scotland. We are working to secure fast and efficient local links to the new station and accelerate its delivery to bring forward growth.

Midlands Connect is working with Transport for the East Midlands, HS2 Ltd, local and national delivery bodies through the ‘East Midlands Gateways Study’ to develop the best options for connecting the Hub Station with major employment centres, including Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and East Midlands Airport. This includes examination of road, rail, bus, tram and other forms of ‘mass rapid transit’.

Working closely with the DfT, Midlands Connect has also developed a compelling economic case for a conventional compatible link with the Midland Main Line. This would enable direct HS2 services to run between Leicester and Leeds, cutting the journey time to an hour.

£4 billion

a year, by 2043, generated for the East Midlands economy by HS2

Under current proposals the Hub Station will not open until 2033. Midlands Connect is looking at ways to accelerate its delivery, and in particular at options to run HS2 services between Birmingham and Toton by 2030. This would radically improve connectivity between the East and West Midlands, as well as stimulating early development of the proposed ‘Toton Innovation Campus’ which could deliver up to 11,000 new jobs.

The development of HS2 must not be at the expense of investment in conventional rail. We will work closely with TfEM to ensure that HS2 proceeds hand-in-hand with investment in the Midland Main Line.

We also want to ensure the East Coast Main Line (ECML) is ‘HS2 ready’ and that routes to the North East and Scotland are improved accordingly.


new jobs across the East Mids by 2043 added by HS2


Midlands Connect is working with growth partnerships across the region to make sure that all of the HS2 stations serving the Midlands are prepared for the arrival of high speed services and are properly connected to the existing transport network. For example, we are working with HS2 Ltd, the Urban Growth Company (UGC) and the Constellation Partnership to improve access from across the Midlands to the new Interchange Station in Solihull and the upgraded Crewe Hub Station, respectively.

“HS2 has a crucial role to play in revitalising the country, and regional bodies across the country are now pushing ahead with their own strategies to maximise HS2’s potential in their area. Investing in complementary connectivity will spread the growth unlocked by HS2 across the Midlands and the country as a whole.”

Mark Thurston, Chief Executive, HS2 Ltd

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