16 mins

Toton to Chesterfield

Access to HS2

Growth and regeneration around HS2’s dedicated stations at Curzon Street and Interchange is already undeniable, but it's important that the benefits of HS2 are felt across the region.

Midlands Connect is focusing on widening access to HS2’s affordable rapid mass transit services, ensuring complimentary infrastructure around HS2 stations to stimulate economic growth, and expanding services on the existing network to compliment HS2 trains.

With the right planning, the possibilities for new jobs, housing and infrastructure is almost endless.

Our Midlands Rail Hub proposals will significantly boost East-West capacity and complement HS2 services, addressing the significant increase in demand for rail travel fuelled by the boom in the professional services sectors.

Introducing faster and more frequent connections to Birmingham allows passengers from Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the South West of England and South Wales to access HS2 services.

17 mins

Toton to Birmingham Interchange


Midlands Connect is working with growth partnerships across the region to make sure that all of the HS2 stations serving the Midlands are prepared for the arrival of high speed services and are properly connected to the existing transport network. For example, we are working with HS2 Ltd, the Urban Growth Company (UGC) and the Constellation Partnership to improve access from across the Midlands to the new Interchange Station in Solihull and the upgraded Crewe Hub Station, respectively.

We're also working with partners to ensure the government holds firm on its commitment to bring HS2 services to Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent via the West Coast Main Line, and maintain service levels through Lichfield, Tamworth and Coventry.

20 mins

Toton to Birmingham Curzon Street

27 mins

Toton to Leeds

“HS2 has a crucial role to play in revitalising the country, and regional bodies across the country are now pushing ahead with their own strategies to maximise HS2’s potential in their area. Investing in complementary connectivity will spread the growth unlocked by HS2 across the Midlands and the country as a whole.”

Mark Thurston, Chief Executive, HS2 Ltd

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