Large Local Majors

We've been empowered by the government to prioritise road upgrades known as "Large Local Majors".

We've submitted a £386 million bid to the Department for Transport on behalf of our local authority partners, to deliver four transformational Large Local Majors (LLM) schemes.

The government has set up a £3.5 billion fund for LLM schemes, which must include a funding request to government of more than £50 million, and those on the newly defined Major Road Network (with a funding request from £20-50 million). It is vital that the Midlands receives its fair share.

We were empowered by the government to work with the 22 local authorities in our partnership to identify the highest priority upgrades and submit them for funding.

We did that by considering which schemes can be delivered by 2025 and provided evidence they will reduce congestion, support housing and employment growth, encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport, and provide better links to motorways and major trunk roads.

In July 2019, we submitted four priority LLM schemes to the government, alongside seven on the Major Road Network; you can read a summary here

You can read the full Summary Report here

One of the schemes received development funding in the March 2020 Budget: 

Chesterfield-Staveley Regeneration Route , Derbyshire. 

Support from council partners

“We’re glad to have Midlands Connect’s support in pushing this project through and ensuring the region gets its fair share of the £3.5 billion investment pot available over the next five years”

Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council

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