Our Road Investment Strategy priorities

England's second Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) period, from 2020-2025, was published in March 2020 with a record budget of £27 billion.

RIS2 outlines the strategic road network improvement schemes that will be developed, constructed or completed between 2020 and 2025, as well as a pipeline of schemes for the next RIS3 period from 2025-2030. You can read it here

27 schemes have been identified in the Midlands Connect patch, including those on our priority strategic road corridors: the A46, A5, A50/A500 and A38. 

In 2019, we published five clear, deliverable objectives from RIS2 to ensure short-term progress as well as a commitment to future-proofing our road network and unleashing the Midlands' growth potential:

1. Deliver what was promised - complete the construction of RIS1 (2015-2020) commitments

2. Deliver schemes developed in RIS1

3. Deliver new schemes in RIS2

4. Plan for the future: support corridor approaches

5. Strengthen the relationship between Highways England and Midlands Connect

We are pleased that the majority of our priority schemes were included in the government's RIS2 proposals, and we will continue to work with Highways England and Department for Transport to ensure schemes are developed and delivered on time. 

Early successes

Already, one of our top priority schemes, the A46 Newark Bypass, has received a funding commitment from the government. It follows years of sustained campaigning by Midlands Connect and partners including Transport for East Midlands, Nottinghamshire County Council and the town's MP, Robert Jenrick.

We will continue to work with Highways England and the Department for Transport on the detail of this scheme, and to ensure our other priorities across the Midlands receive the funding they deserve.


Support from council partners

“The County Council welcomes the priority improvements that Midlands Connect has identified within Warwickshire. These support the evidence which we have submitted to Government as part of the RIS2 development process. The County Council see improvements to the A5, A46 and M6 as being critical to the future prosperity of the sub-region."

Mark Ryder, Strategic Director, Communities, Warwickshire County Council

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