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A Strategic Transport Manifesto for the Midlands

Our plans for the future prosperity of the Midlands region - evidence-backed, prioritised improvements to our roads, railways and wider transport network

We are facing the most complex set of challenges in living memory. Not only is it essential that we secure our status as a global trading hub post-Brexit and work in earnest to address the threat of climate change, the country is now in the midst
of an unparalleled economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The proposals and investments outlined in this document are designed to face these challenges
head on by:

• Levelling-up the UK economy, using infrastructure investment as a tool to spread social mobility, productivity and prosperity
• Supporting the creation and protection of highly-skilled jobs, as well as the housing development and regeneration so essential to our COVID-19 recovery
• Encouraging public transport use and reducing congestion to limit the UK’s carbon emissions
• Opening up access to the ports, freeports and airports boosting international trade
• Widening the reach and impact of HS2 through integration with Midlands Engine Rail,accelerating the benefits for local communities, especially those in deprived areas

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