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Challenges, opportunities and a call for input (longer version)

We are in the process of updating the Midlands Connect Strategy, published in March 2017. The refreshed Strategy will be published in late 2021. This document provides the context for our refreshed Strategy, outlining some of the key challenges that face the region and summarising our emerging ideas on the projects and programmes we believe are needed to tackle these challenges and achieve our objectives.

As we update our Strategy, we have an opportunity in the medium and longer-term to shape how transport investment is spent in the region in order to tackle the key challenges that we face.

Having read this document we want residents, businesses, partners and transport users to give us your views on how you think transport funding should be spent in the region. Please get involved by visiting our online engagement tool.

The document is not in an accessible format, to request an accessible version please contact MCadmin@midlandsconnect.uk

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