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Challenges, opportunities and a call for input (summary version)

Midlands Connect published its first transport strategy in 2017, and since then has made excellent progress – researching, developing and progressing schemes that will bring the biggest social, economic and environmental benefits to our region.

Despite this success, the world is a very different place now than it was four years ago. To reflect the huge changes we have experienced, including Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and a heightening climate crisis, we are in the process of refreshing our strategy to ensure we overcome these unprecedented challenges. This updated strategy will be published in late 2021.

The aim of our strategy is to set out an investment programme that improves strategic connectivity between the east and west Midlands, better connects us with our neighbouring regions of the North of England and Wales and strengthens existing connectivity to the south of England, our ports and airports. This strategic investment will be complemented by improvements to local connectivity made by our local authority partners and regional economic growth plans from the Midlands Engine, that will drive levelling-up both across our region and the country. Combined with the commitment to net-zero, this will make a significant contribution to UK-wide prosperity and a carbon-neutral future.

This document provides the context for our refreshed strategy; outlining some of the difficulties and opportunities that face the region and summarising the types of interventions we believe are needed to meet these challenges and achieve our objectives.

The document is not in an accessible format, to request an accessible version please contact MCadmin@midlandsconnect.uk

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