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Joint STB Response to Major Road Network Consultation

England’s four Sub-national Transport Bodies (STBs) say the Government should work with them to define its new Major Road Network (MRN), as part of an unprecedented joint response to the Department for Transport’s MRN consultation.

Alongside their own detailed individual responses to the government's Major Road Network consultation, Midlands Connect, Transport for the North, England's Economic Heartland and Transport for the South East have submitted six joint recommendations to the Department for Transport (DfT) for the first time:

  1. Work with nascent Sub-national Transport Bodies (STBs) to define the Major Road Network. STBs have all worked closely with local government partners to reach consensus on the priority roads in their areas, backed up by robust evidence;
  2. Plan and invest in the MRN as a single network to enable it to focus on outcomes for road users for the benefit of residents and businesses;
  3. Identify indicative, regional funding levels within which advice on investment can be planned over the long term, to incentivise an effective pipeline of improvements planned and funded by all parties together;
  4. We agree with the DfT that investment should have an unerring focus on outcomes for road users, but disagree with the approach to specifically identify eligibility criteria which could limit the holistic view the MRN is seeking to enable;
  5. STBs should provide a reporting and monitoring role, considering wider economic benefits and multi-modal options for our areas;
  6. The DfT should clarify the long-term role STBs can offer in any further announcements on the MRN. STBs can act as co-creators for the road network, with strong and united voices to support and safeguard delivery of the MRN.

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