Our Strategic Transport Plan

Midlands Connect researches, develops and progresses transport projects that will benefit the region, its people and its businesses. In an ever-changing world, our priorities remain the same - to create a fairer, greener and stronger Midlands.

The world is a very different place since publishing our first regional transport strategy in 2017. Our country has undergone profound changes as we recover from the social and economic effects of Covid-19, navigate business and trade following our exit from the European Union and address the global climate emergency.

Our Strategic Transport Plan addresses these challenges, recommending transport projects that can create a more productive, prosperous and sustainable Midlands. Our overall ambition is to make the Midlands region fairer, greener and stronger for everyone who lives here.

Summary document

This document summarises our three main priorities described within the Strategic Transport Plan. These are road, rail and technology and innovation, all of which can help support a more productive, prosperous and sustainable Midlands.

Read our summary documents below:

STP Summary Document

STP Summary Document (extended)

Full Strategic Transport Plan

This complete technical document outlines our priorities for the next five years in full detail.

Read the full Strategic Transport Plan below:

Full Strategic Transport Plan

Read our full STP press release

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