The Midlands Connect Vision

The Midlands is determined to keep pace with the global economic race, to increase competitiveness and productivity and play its role in rebalancing the UK economy by building and supporting the Midlands Engine. 

We have huge economic potential. With a population of over 10 million, 14 cities, 20 world-class universities and two international airports, our economy is worth £207 billion to the UK.

Improving transport links to speed up journey times across the Midlands can secure a £1 billion-a-year boost to the regional economy, create 300,000 additional jobs and save businesses nearly £500 million. Through Midlands Connect, we can achieve this.

The Midlands Connect Strategy will not only help release untapped growth across central England but tackle the significant transport challenges that are already impacting on the competitiveness of both the Midlands and the wider UK economy. 

Midlands Connect is an ambitious initiative to identify and then realise the transport connectivity improvements needed to maximise the region's long-term economic growth.

Our Strategy is available to read in three editions; the full Strategy, the Executive Summary and the Coffee Table version.

In November 2016 we released our Emerging Strategy which provided the path for the Midlands Connect Strategy and identified where we believe the emphasis should be.

The Emerging Strategy can be viewed as the full version, executive summary or shortened version.