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Who we are

Midlands Connect researches, develops and progresses transport projects which will provide the biggest possible environmental, economic and social benefits for the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

We examine every option for improving major transport infrastructure in our region, analysing the cost, impact and benefits of delivering these changes, and ensuring there is a strong pipeline of projects being developed to improve mobility across the Midlands. Our evidence base is then used to prioritise the most urgent and beneficial improvements, and we work alongside our partners and Government to secure funding for their development and implementation.

Our aim of these improvements is to transform regional and UK gateways, bringing the Midlands closer together and accelerating cost-effective improvements to unlock east-west connectivity that will enable the Midlands’ economies to work more effectively together.

Midlands Connect will never recommend a project for funding and delivery unless we believe the benefits outweigh the costs. Although we won’t build anything ourselves, we will recommend projects for funding and help gain Government commitment to deliver them. Once those projects become a reality, we will offer oversight and review their impacts before returning to and updating our long term strategy to take account of their contribution to the Midlands and UK transport networks.

Our approach is underpinned by a robust governance structure which provides leadership, accountability, expertise and oversight of the Midlands Connect programme.