Innovation and Technology

We’re harnessing the power of technology to change the way that we use and access transport across the Midlands. Our plans include a 'tap and cap' smart ticketing system, creating smarter roads and working to support local authorities as they accelerate the roll out of Electric Vehicle charging points.

Major Road Network Technology Strategy

Midlands Connect has been empowered by Government to work alongside its partner Local Authorities to shortlist and submit priority schemes for development and delivery on the Major Road Network, a new tier of economically-important local ‘A’ roads managed by Local Authorities.

We're investigating opportunities to maximise road connectivity, with projects including universal 5G coverage, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV), access to electric vehicle charging points and full integration with technological innovations on the Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Working closely with Midlands Connect stakeholders, we've identified quick win options as well as long-term planning solutions.

You can read more on the schemes we are supporting by clicking the link below:

More information on our road schemes

Smart Ticketing

We've worked with Transport for West Midlands and Nottingham City Council to develop plans for a region wide, 'tap and cap' smart payment system for public transport.

Once delivered, it will allow passengers to travel seamlessly across multiple modes of transport including bus, tram and train, paying for travel via one smart device such as a debit card or mobile phone, with fares falling under a daily payment cap.

We're seeking £20million from Government to deliver this 'tap and cap' system.

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