The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced just how essential our road network is in ensuring the productivity, mobility and safety of our communities. Used by residents, businesses and commuters alike, our road network keeps food on our shelves, provides access to essential services and connects us to our places of work, leisure activities and loved ones.

Carefully designed roads maximise the economies of the regions they serve, reducing congestion and improving convenience for users of public transport, pedestrians and cyclists. Midlands Connect is committed to ensuring the most important road projects in our region are developed and delivered as soon as possible.

The Major Road Network and Large Local Majors

Midlands Connect has been empowered by Government to work alongside its partner Local Authorities to shortlist and submit priority schemes for development and delivery on the Major Road Network, a new tier of economically-important local ‘A’ roads managed by Local Authorities.

MRN schemes typically cost between £20 and £50 million, whereas bigger schemes known as Large Local Majors usually cost over £50 million (they also don’t have to lie on the Major Road Network). Both should reduce congestion, support all road users and unlock housing and employment growth.

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Midlands Connect is also working to bring forward improvements on three strategic trade and logistics corridors, the A5, A50/500 and A46. Each of these routes serves a local, national and international purpose, linking major businesses to suppliers, customers, ports and airports.

Given that these already busy routes are likely to see further population growth due to planned new housing, and given the need to decarbonise our transport network, Midlands Connect is developing holistic improvement plans which will benefit all road users – whether they be logistics operators, commuters, pedestrians, cyclists or public transport users.

To find out more information on the schemes we have assisted with, click below:

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