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Midlands Engine Rail

Our £3.5 billion plan to revolutionise the Midlands rail network and supercharge the region’s economy, creating space for more than 700 extra passenger trains each day, improving services for more than 60 locations across the region.

Integrated with HS2, our plans are designed to drive sustainability, productivity and social mobility across the Midlands.

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A46 corridor

The A46 is one of the country’s most important trade routes. Businesses along the corridor generate £115 billion each year, almost half of which comes from industries dependent on a reliable road network.

We are building on the first stage of our long-term strategy to improve the road, by working on a more detailed set of recommendations.

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A50/A500 corridor

The A50/A500 is a nationally significant manufacturing corridor, home to global firms like Toyota, JCB, Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Michelin and Pirelli, as well as Stoke-on-Trent's world renowned ceramics industry.

They all depend on a reliable road network to thrive. Improvements to the corridor are vital to support jobs and housing, and improve air quality.

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A5 corridor

The A5 is a crucial east-west corridor across the Midlands and an important alternative route to our congested motorway network.

Our initial work focuses the potential for improvements on the section between the M6 near Cannock and the M1 near Rugby, to help accelerate growth along the corridor.

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Innovation and Technology
Smart Ticketing

A region-wide move to smart ticketing can ensure we are putting the passenger first. The technology needed to make it a reality is already transforming the way people pay for and gain access to public transport.

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Government funding streams
Major Road Network

The government is investing £3.5 billion in the Major Road Network - a new category of economically important local roads. Midlands Connect was empowered to work with our council partners to produce a priority list of schemes that can be completed by 2025.

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Large Local Majors

The government’s £3.5 billion fund for the new Major Road Network also includes schemes defined as Large Local Majors – those with a government funding commitment of more than £50 million.

Working with our local authority partners, we’ve submitted plans for four transformational road schemes, with a £386 million government funding request to deliver them.

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Road Investment Strategy 1 commitments

There are a number of Highways England schemes planned for construction between 2015 and 2020 that won’t be completed before the end of the period.

We’ve prioritised ten schemes in the Midlands that were planned for construction during RIS1 that should be completed during RIS2 (2020-2025). It’s essential that the Midlands gets what was promised.

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Road Investment Strategy 2 commitments

Midlands Connect has five clear, deliverable objectives from RIS2, to ensure short term progress as well as a commitment to future-proofing our road network and unleashing the Midlands’ growth potential.

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