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Wednesday 11 January 2023

Delays at Junction 28 of the M1 is costing over 1000 hours and over £4 million to economy

  • Figures show ‘colossal’ loss to economy of time and money due to less productivity
  • Research cited by MP Mark Fletcher in Westminster Hall debate this afternoon
  • MPs describe the figures as ‘overwhelming evidence’ for upgrades

New research released today (Wednesday 11th January) by Sub-national Transport Body Midlands Connect has found that delays at Junction 28 of the M1 is leading to over 1100 hours of delay in peak periods and costing the economy over £4.5m a year. The research was mentioned by Bolsover MP Mark Fletcher in his Westminster Hall debate on the junction this afternoon.

This means that the economy sees nearly £500,000 in losses due to HGV drivers being snarled up in traffic and commuters losses are totalled up to be £1,621,906. The figures show that commuters snarled up in traffic is costing the economy £419.72 an hour in rush hour, every day.  Car drivers undertaking business trips was the second biggest loss to the economy racking up a colossal £1,225,349 a year due to the impact of gridlock affecting the economy.

The economic impact of delays done by Midlands Connect is calculated using economic model that assesses the lost value of time for cars, vans, and HGVs, for business, commuting and leisure journeys to the wider economy and not them personally.

According to the figures the greatest cost of delay is M1 Southbound to A38 at £3,500 a day in peak periods and over 3 minutes of delay on average per vehicle.

It is recommended that these improvements should be considered for funding as part of the Government’s third Road Investment Strategy (RIS3), which is for the period 2025-2030. This means that project delivery could begin as soon as 2025, less than three years from now.

A survey carried out by Midlands Connect last year, suggested more than half of the respondents thought improvements would be "very important" to businesses in South Normanton and Pinxton while 80% of the 200 residents asked saw the project as "levelling up".

Commenting, Bolsover MP Mark Fletcher said:

“Junction 28 in its current state is not fit for purpose. Residents in South Normanton and Pinxton continue to experience congestion on a daily basis and only 9% of people in my recent survey said they thought the junction is ‘safe’ or ‘very safe’.

“The case for funding is clear, whether that’s road safety, economic development, reducing congestion and emissions, or lowering costs from delays to local businesses.

“The data provided by Midlands Connect and the feedback I have received from local residents and businesses is overwhelmingly supportive of improvements to Junction 28, which are absolutely essential to the economic development of my constituency and the wider East Midlands.

“I know the Secretary of State understands the importance of this vital infrastructure project to our region and I look forward to working with the Government to deliver for local residents

Swati Mittal, Strategic Roads Manager at Midlands Connect, commenting on the new figures said:

 “Junction 28 of the M1 is a critical pinch point on the network and Midlands Connect’s latest research shows what massive impact improvements could make.

“These astounding figures show that we could boost the economy but over £4 million a year by dealing with the issue but also give back to businesses and residents over a 1000 of their time and avoid them having to sit in logjams day after day.

“I believe it is so important we move forward with Midlands Connect’s suggestions to improve these roads and get the Midlands moving.”

Ben Bradley MP, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, said:

‘’The data speaks for itself in terms of the impact of delays at Junction 28, and obviously the M1 is a vital artery of our transport network across our whole region. Clearly interventions at the scale required are way beyond existing local budgets so, if we’re going to ensure we’re doing everything possible to support our economy in the East Midlands, then there will need to be an intervention from the Treasury and Department for Transport to support us.

‘’I really welcome Mark Fletcher bringing this debate forward, and will always support opportunities to raise these challenges and the need for investment across Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Historically of course, our area has received less investment in our transport infrastructure than other regions have over many years, so I hope that Government will give proper consideration to this issue.’’

Councillor Carolyn Renwick, Derbyshire County Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Environment, said:

“Junction 28 is a busy interchange and gateway to and from the M1 for traffic travelling from Alfreton, Derby, Mansfield and Ashfield as well as the immediate surrounding area.

“It also serves the popular East Midlands Designer outlet and nearby Clover Nook Industrial Estate as well as other key employment zones in Nottinghamshire.

“We wholeheartedly support calls for improvements and Government funding to keep this part of Derbyshire moving by easing congestion to improve journey times for businesses, commuters, residents and visitors alike and cut carbon emissions generated by vehicles caught up in lengthy queues.”


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