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Thursday 10 March 2022

Nottingham to Lincoln rail route: Businesses show overwhelming support for improvements

  • Business that employ nearly 8,000 people believe rail improvements could help their firms
  • 97% of companies stated that investment in train routes between Nottingham and Lincoln should form part of the Government’s Levelling Up agenda

A survey of firms employing nearly 8,000 people has delivered an ‘overwhelming’ message that rail improvements are needed on the Nottingham, Newark to Lincoln line.

The survey organised by transport body Midlands Connect showed that over half of businesses (51%) thought if the rail route was improved it would be used more by their employees.

97% of companies stated that investment in train routes between Nottingham and Lincoln should form part of the Government’s Levelling Up agenda.

Over 70% thought an improved rail route would make recruitment of new staff easier and 53% of businesses thought a faster and more frequent rail route would help their business grow as a result. 45% of the firms also responded to say believed that investment on the Nottingham to Lincoln rail route would save their businesses money.

74% of respondents stating their employees mostly drove to work. This is compared to just 14.5% who stated that most of their staff use the train to travel to work. The most common reason cited was inconvenient train times, followed by infrequent service.

Commenting on the survey findings, Midlands Connect’s head of Rail Karen Heppenstall said:

“The results are pretty overwhelming and show that businesses in Nottingham, Newark and Lincoln want to see improved rail services. They see this investment as an example of levelling up their area and helping their economy to grow.

“What the survey also showed is faster and more frequent trains will save businesses money, allow them to recruit more people and grow.

“We will use these results as part of our strategic case for investment in the corridor and I want to thank all the firms and organisations who took part and supported the survey.”

Karl McCartney, MP for Lincoln and member of the House of Commons’ Transport Select Committee, said:

“This research shows the case is even clearer now for the need for new investment in this strategic rail route. It will further plug Lincoln into the regional and national rail network which is vital to the success of the whole City and region. This will bring significant benefits to employers, workers and the wider public, including making it easier for tourists to enjoy Lincoln’s wonderful heritage and supporting our brilliant businesses to grow.

“It is well known that improving the transport infrastructure of regional cities like Lincoln and Nottingham leads to clear economic, environmental and quality of life benefits. To continue the drive to ‘Level Up’ our Country, this is the exactly the type of project that should be supported by the Government and delivered at pace.”



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